Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Assignment 2 – Tutor Feedback

Yet again I’ve left it a number of weeks before writing this up to allow myself time to reflect on it, among other things.
Not going to concentrate on the detail as the key issue is “too many ideas”. I did wonder if submitting a two-part assignment, one looking at space, the other at memory was such a good idea, and I think I should have listened to the warning voices, as my tutor feels – and I agree – that it is not clear how they relate to each other – if at all.
Having had a good discussion with Simon about this I have decided to concentrate on the collage idea and memory for this assignment, and continue my McAlinden inspired space experiment in this blog. This means I will need a few more photos for the collage, perhaps introducing a more obvious reflection of differing times. Simon also suggested I consider making the collage less regular, to reflect the idea that memories are somewhat disjointed. I can see merit in this – and I have perhaps fallen foul of my “multiple ideas” issue in the final collage by trying to build an actual physical picture of the site with images in approximately the right place. Before going all the way down this path I do need to think about how I believe my memory builds an image of place – is it just about regularity or should I be considering image size in the final collage?
In short, that’s it. I need to concentrate more carefully on developing a single idea for the assignment. I was clear in my own mind what I wanted to say in both parts of my submission, but I simply need to develop one of them.
I did discuss a couple of other issues with Simon, including the possibility that I could use a different photographer from the ones suggested in Assignment 4. This appears to be a “goer” provided I can make a decent argument for the change within this blog, which I shall be trying to do in the near future.

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