Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Not the colour of daylight

In fairness I’ve already covered this project, but while I was in London we popped in to see the skating rink at the Natural History Museum, and I was struck by the variety in the colours of lighting around the rink.
Ice Rink, Natural History Museum (i)    Ice Rink, Natural History Museum (ii)
These two are developed from the same raw file – the one on the left is using the default setting the one on the right is balanced using the Lightroom colour balance tool to make the ice neutral grey (this included a slight reduction in saturation as the red areas of the buildings blew out).
A couple of things jump out at me – one is the rather obvious cold feel of the bluer version, but the other, and perhaps more surprising is that once the saturation is reduced  the right hand version shows considerably more detail in the building shadows. I guess this is a result of the right hand version being able to make more use of the information saved in the red channels – whatever I think this makes a rather more attractive image, and confirms my view that this is an issue rather overlooked by the project information.

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