Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Ibiza Waves

I went to Ibiza with a very minimal kit. I think I probably regret this. The E-P1 and 17mm is not a bad little combo but I missed the flexibility of the full E-3 kit – even if I didn’t miss the weight. I also took a couple of my old manual focus lenses and an appropriate adapter but the strange workflow meant I sometimes forgot to reset the camera in between lens changes – which just added to my frustration.
Anyway enough grumbling – I had a good break and hopefully some of the shots which I’ll split between this blog and my Documentary blog  are worthwhile.
First up then – some waves. Some of these are not as sharp as I’d like at full size – I missed the tripod, and because the camera isn’t waterproof I was more than a bit twitchy about dousing it in salt water - but I think they carry my ideas on waves through well enough.
Es Cana Es Cana 1 Es Cana 2
Cala Martina Cala Martinez 1 Cala Martinez 2
Cala Nova Cala Nova 1 Cala Nova 2
Cala Llenya Cala Llenya 1 Cala Llenya 2
And while I’m at it my only attempt at a Triple Point while I was away. I thought I could play with the idea of land and water by substituting the aircraft wing and the clouds.
Triple Point experiment

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