Sunday, 28 April 2013

Planning my portfolio (spring)

So spring has arrived – allegedly. March showed little sign of that – the cereal field is still as bleak and brown as ever, no sign of life in the trees or the grassy banks – this is pretty much the same as the February photo, taken after the field had been ploughed.
Cereal Field: March 2013
Early April saw the field being harrowed and planted for the year – this shot is marred by some flare issues on the right hand side, but the general change in the field is very clear.
By late April signs of new life have well and truly appeared – the field is starting to green – and we get the occasional sunny day as well.
Cereal Field: April 2013
Given the likely pace of change over the next few months I may increase the frequency of these images. I’m also contemplating merging some of them to produce another full year in a single image.
So here we are in the first week of May – and the field is greening nicely.
Cereal Field: 1st week of May
Into the 2nd week of May and the hedges behind the fence are starting to green – even if the trees remain stubbornly bare. If you look closely you will see a rainbow has sneaked itself in between the trees on the left.
Cereal Field: 2nd week of May

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