Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Where am I going?

A while back I did a mind map to capture the things that interested me, and that I might study or feature in a course on Landscape photography. As time has moved on a bit since the I thought I’d revisit it, tweak it to reflect my current views/interests and perhaps compare and contrast. Here’s the latest version:

Most recent mind-map of ideas I'm pursuing

It’s a bit on the small side for reading directly – but a bigger version is available through Flickr if anyone is interested. The key difference for me are:

  • the large selection of ‘things’ I listed is now gone – with the exception of ‘roads’, which has moved to being a potential linking theme for Assignment 3, alongside ‘time’;
  • I have a much extended list of photographers of interest either for themselves as as an exemplar of some area that interests me

As a consequence of this, the graphic is now much more concept based. Whether this is reflected in my photography is another issue,, and perhaps it’s a little early to tell yet. I am certainly finding that photographing ‘things’ for the sake of it is getting less interesting. It’s not really clear to me though if that’s a good thing or a bad thing.

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