Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Leave it to the leaves

Once again a subtlety of observation imbues natural objects with cultural meaning. When I was a child the local beech tree used to shed their leaves in piles a foot deep and I used to scuff through them on the way to the local shop. They were a sign of autumn. Except that in haiku fallen leaves are a sign of winter – coloured leaves on trees are a sign of autumn.

The first of these is autumn – and for the record I’ve not enhanced the colours (although I did tweak the contrast). The second – taken only a couple of days later – albeit in a different location – is winter.


Autumn Tree         EA313216.jpg

The point of all this, of course, is that this course requires me to produce a portfolio of seasonal images, and while it would be easy to collect any number of such images I have an interest in Japanese culture that this course is helping – perhaps even encouraging – me to explore more deeply.

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