Friday, 23 November 2012

Planning my Portfolio (Autumn)

Seems a little odd that this chapter comes almost halfway through the course, and shows the value of a good read of the notes at an early stage. I have already identified a location for the ‘4 photos from the same location in different seasons’ leg of the portfolio – conveniently outside my front gate. I thought it would be sensible to take one shot a month – and to make life easier  (for my ailing memory) I’ve chosen to shoot them on roughly the same day each month – around the 23rd/24th or the nearest available weekend. The key benefits of this location – to my mind - are the presence of a very solid gate post that I can use as a stand for the camera, wild vegetation at either end of the image and an opportunity to show the development of a fairly ordinary field throughout the year.
Here it is in September. The cereal has just been harvested and the field is covered in leftover straw.
 Cereal field after harvest, Allerby: September 2012
And a month later, in October – the straw has been baled, the trees are losing their leaves and the hedgerow on the right is starting to brown
For the other dozen photos I’ll be using my 4-seasons shot from earlier in this blog and a series of seasonal shots reflecting my interest in Japanese seasonal symbolism.
Quick edit to add a November photo. That's autumn done & dusted. End November 2012

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