Friday, 2 November 2012

Dark Nights = Lots of reading

Just taken delivery of a few books to keep me occupied now the evenings are dark:

  • The Nature of Photographs – Stephen Shore;
  • Vanishing Landscapes – Ed: Nadine Barth;
  • The History of Japanese Photography – Museum of Fine Arts, Houston; and on my Kindle,
  • 53 Stages of the Tokaido Highway – Hiroshige – intro by David Govett.

and two more after a shopping trip this morning (03 Nov):

  • First Light – Joe Cornish
  • Sanctuary – Gregory Crewdson.

I also have Land by Fay Godwin and Andy Grundberg’s Crisis of The Real on order at the local library, so goodness knows when I’ll have time to actual take a photo.

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