Thursday, 17 October 2013

A journey through time

A final tick for exercise 15 which required me initially to shoot one shot per season from the same location and with the same composition. As explained in this post this morphed over time into my final portfolio submission – with the four shots/one location coming from elsewhere. This final group of three are a selection from the shots I took nearly weekly during the spring and summer months and represent June, July and August respectively. They are also the shots entered for portfolio so I’m not going to say too much about them.

The exercise asked me to think about how close I was able to keep the framing throughout the year and to reflect on the changes. The framing is easy – while they are not perfectly aligned – they are close enough that a good stitching programme could make them into a single image – but that’s not the purpose.

Clearly the seasonal variation across all these shots is very noticeable, but for me the most interesting non-photographic observation is the way that changes in the country side are non-linear – for a very large portion of the year very little changes in these fields without human intervention such as ploughing – but between early May and the end of August a crop appears, ripens and is harvested. I knew this intellectually but sometimes we need to discover these things experimentally.

I’m contemplating repeating the process for a second year – probably only monthly if I do – ultimately I could end up with a typology of years perhaps.

Anyway…the pictures:





  1. The progress in these is very clear to see. I hope you will post the whole set together at some point so we can see them all in sequence?

    I've been working on three scenes that I keep returning to, but not as regularly as you (two of them are in Bognor, and although I am there most months, it isn't like having a space on my doorstep). I'm also finding the changes fascinating and am not sure I am ready to stop at the end of the year: we will see. Good luck with assessment!

  2. Hi Eileen - and thanks for all your comments and supportr. The whole set is now on the portfolio tab at the top.