Thursday, 20 June 2013

Assignment 2 rework – the final picture

This has taken a bit longer than I expected, but that means I have been able to include a more active recognition of time into the final collage. I’m currently comfortable with the idea that the overall picture we build up of a place incorporates elements from differing seasons and I have made use of passing time to do this. I have also tried to reduce the regularity of the matrix on which the collage is based to reflect the differing priorities aspects take in our memories. Finally I have taken the opportunity to replace one of the images Simon highlighted as having a quality issue, and a second that I felt unsure about myself. The final images is here and will be worked into the final submission in the near future:

Assignment 2 re-work of final presentation

I did think about replacing the small grass picture in lower left with a much closer shot of dew-drops, but I think that wetness has sufficient dominance in the final composition without that so am leaving it unchanged.

The final thought is how I would display this, and I am tempted to suggest that I would suspend the images individually so that from a distance and viewed from eye level they appeared essentially as the single image above, but on closer inspection, or by moving around, the relative size and importance of the images would vary, and interaction would cause the pictures to move slightly relative to each other – in much the same way that thinking to hard about a memory appears to alter it in some ways.

I also wonder if, as an installation, it would not be relatively simple to augment the overall image with new additions, and allow some to fade or simply remove them altogether, so that the installation changed over time as our memory would.

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