Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Sun star and silhouette

Quite a challenging exercise this – which is why I’ve already had one pass with archive shots. This one I took in London in December with this exercise in mind. I considered cropping it to make it more obvious, but try as I may I couldn’t find a crop that I liked as much as the full shot. I have, perhaps, cheated a little by using a reflection of the sun of the office building – but I can’t see any harm in creative use of the resources on offer. I managed to get this one shot before the guys semi-silhouetted in the bottom right moved and spoiled the effect. As a street shooting technique this requires more than a share of luck and rapid reactions.

Sun Star

The sun star is not as well defined as it could be because the reflection off multiple window slightly diffuses the light source, but it is still dramatic enough to add to the image. The tarmac was also sufficiently shiny to catch and reflect the highlight which gives the silhouette of the two gents in the bottom corner.

As I write this I’m also beginning to wonder if a tall thin crop of the RHS would make an effective image after all. Once I’m near a suitable editing programme I’ll give it a try.

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