Monday, 28 January 2013

Snow – or at least an attempt at it

We may be the only bit of the UK that has had no significant snow – which makes this exercise somewhat tricky without dragging myself up into the hills. Here are the few shots I’ve managed, although in fairness to me I’ve taken plenty of snow shots in the past – see here for example.
The first up is the cereal field I’ve been taking for my portfolio – had already done one shot this month, but nothing says winter quite like snow so here it is for a second time with rather more snow. For once us northern residents had the best of the weather methinks.

Cereal Field: Late Jan 2013
Sort of wish I had had the foresight when starting this series to remember that facing south-ish for part of the shot would result in the sun being in the picture during the winter months!
And the second…this one taken further south – Daresbury to be exact. I like it because it feels wintry without being to snow bound. It was actually snowing quite heavily at the time but there doesn’t seem to be much indication of that.
Gentle Snow Scene


  1. Beautiful snowy landscape captures Nigel.

  2. Hi there - snow? Thats not snow from what I have seen on the news!

    I did actually wonder in anybody would identify where the references to permanence came from!