Friday, 25 January 2013

Moon and Moonlight

I have already tried shooting by moonlight on many occasions – most recently for Assignment 2. As I will be removing those images from the Assignment to make it more focussed it seems legitimate to include them here.
In parallel – and to extend the exercise further – I have also pushed the RAW files in PP to give equivalent light levels to daylight. In doing so I made no changes to the colour balance and the results are quite clear in showing (at least visually) that moonlight is the same colour temperature as daylight.
As shot Pushed
Assignment 2: Fig 3 Moonlight pushed to look like daylight
Assignment 2: Fig 1 Pushed moonlight again
Assignment 2: Fig 2 And a third pushed moonlight
As a fellow student remarked on Flickr the pushed versions have a certain indefinable look to them. Part of this is, I think, due to the fairly aggressive noise reduction I had to employ to get an acceptable image, but part is also due I think to the lack of clearly defined directional shadows. I don’t think this can be a result of the exposure time – which was only 30secs so I can only assume it is due to the rather more diffuse nature of the moonlight through clouds.

My original intent for these photos was to display them on the insides of a set of display panels with views towards the photographers position being displayed on the outside as an exploration of space and location slightly in the manner of Mikkel Macalinden – but in truth I think that was overambitious.. At the scale they would have to be reproduced for that to be effective they would be too noisy, the darkness is a confusing factor – why not just do it in daylight? – and in any case the mixed assignment only allowed for half of the job to be done. If nothing else the experience has taught me not to stuff all my ideas into a single assignment. They have, in any case, proved useful for this exercise.

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