Friday, 13 July 2012

Stephen Shore: American Beauty - YouTube

Just had a really good first chat with my tutor, discussing some of the issues I struggle with in moving from technique based photography to message based photography - for want of a better description - perhaps representation to narrative would be another way of putting it.

Anyway - among the stream of helpful ideas he threw the name of Stephen Shore into the conversation - in response I think to my expression of interest in roads as a topic of study.

To my discredit, I'd never heard of Stephen Shore before, but Google and You Tube are my friends, and this particular clip seemed worth sharing. There is a nice little analogy towards the end between learning to walk and learning to use a camera.

Shall have to track down some more of his stuff as the references to representation of space and the road shots have piqued my interest.

Stephen Shore: American Beauty - YouTube:

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